Study rooms for persons with special needs

How study rooms work

As the Teiresias Centre provides individual tuition for students with special needs on its premises, it has suitable study rooms for this purpose. The rooms can be used for individual study or individually arranged consultations when no classes are taking place in them. Information on the availability of study rooms can be found in the Teiresias Centre's timetable application, where those interested in studying can also book a study room (authorisation to enter the Teiresias Centre's study rooms is required).

In addition to the standard equipment, assistive technologies are available in a total of ten rooms to make it easier or more accessible for users with special needs to operate a computer, work with written information and communication, or to physically adapt the workplace. Study rooms can also be used to connect your own laptop or other mobile device to the internet via the Eduroam wireless network.

A more detailed summary of the software, hardware and technical specifications of each study room can be found on separate pages.

The study rooms are operated by the Special IT Section of the Teiresias Centre, which provides technical assistance to users on weekdays from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (telephone number 549 49 1110, room 119).

Who can use the study rooms

The study rooms for users with special needs are intended for all members of the academic community (students, teachers, staff) who need assistive technologies or other individual adjustments for their work that other MU faculty or university-wide study rooms cannot offer. In the case of MU students, these are formally those who have been granted so-called special needs (as defined in the MU Directives No. 8/2014 and 9/2014) – it is thus the responsibility of the staff of the Teiresias Centre's Study Section to grant the necessary authorisation. The study rooms are also intended for teachers whose courses include students with special needs and who intend to use the technical equipment of the study rooms to prepare their lessons for these students.

Where are the study rooms located

The study rooms are located in the premises of the Teiresias Centre, Komenského square 2, on the ground floor, rooms 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 114, 115, 117 and 118 (see detailed information).

Opening hours

The study rooms are not available for individual work only during announced teaching hours (see the Teiresias Centre timetable app or the public displays in the halls outside the study rooms) – otherwise they can be used 24 hours a day, including weekends, and public holidays.

Kindly also note that according to the Operating Regulations of the MU Premises, Komenského square 2, Brno, users of the study rooms are obliged to report their presence at the reception (in person, by phone at 549 49 1310 or by email at if they are in the study room between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. or on non-working days.

Access to study rooms

Authorised users can access the rooms using MU identification cards (ISIC in the case of students) - their functionality for this purpose is ensured by the staff of the Special IT Section.

User login on computers in study rooms

To log into your own user account, use your MU ID/UČO (not your nickname) and the secondary MU password (can be found or changed in the MU IS). Individual settings, custom files, etc. are transferred within one account not only between all computers in the Teiresias Centre study rooms, but also between computers in other MU study rooms. When you finish working on your computer, please remember to log out of your account.

Operating Regulations

The use of the study room is governed to a reasonable extent by the Operating Regulations of the Masaryk University Computer PC Rooms.

Rules for study rooms use

  • Study rooms are available on weekdays and weekends all day; on weekends and public holidays, you must report your stay and exit to the porter at the entrance.
  • You must always reserve your workplace in advance in the Timetable app. If you do not use the reservation, you must cancel it in the timetable. Similarly, if you don't use the entire reserved time, adjust the length of the reservation. Teiresias Center staff performs random checks on reservations. If the student(s) who booked the classroom does not enter the classroom one hour after the start of the reservation, the reservation will be cancelled without notice.
  • Study rooms are only for students with specific requirements. You may bring classmates and study together, but you must always be present in the study room. Please note that all events in the study room are always the responsibility of the student who allowed the others to enter.
  • Study rooms are intended for self-study only and according to Article 4, paragraph 2 c), d) and i) of the Operating Regulations of Masaryk University PC Rooms, users are obliged to refrain from any activities not directly related to their self-study.
  • Pursuant to Article 3, paragraph 1 of Directive No. 7/2012 Operating Regulations of Masaryk University PC Rooms, students have the right to enter the study room only if they have a valid identification card. The staff of the Teiresias Centre and the porter have the right to carry out random checks in the study rooms and to ask students present to identify themselves. Lending your identification card to another person is not permitted.
  • If you leave the study room – even for a short while – close the door.
  • You are not allowed to tamper with any corded connections of technical devices, including connecting computers to electrical outlets.
  • If you need technical assistance, send your request to in advance.
  • Report technical or operational difficulties to the technicians, in their absence by email to, or to the Studies Section staff.
  • After the end of the lesson, consultation or self-study, you must put everything in the workplace into the original position (put the computers back, close the windows, turn off the lights, turn off the air conditioning, close the classroom door). It is forbidden to move chairs and whiteboards between study rooms and hallways.
  • Keep the classroom and hallways quiet, and be considerate of your colleagues who use study rooms for the opportunity to work in a quiet environment.
  • Take larger amounts of litter to the bins by the entrance. Do not leave them placed around the trash bins in the classroom.
  • In case of violation of the above rules, a Teiresias Centre staff member or the porter may ask you to follow the rules and warn you of possible sanctions. If you do not comply, they have the right to ban you from the classroom (Teiresias Centre premises). If, despite the warning, you violate the above rules, your access to study rooms will be revoked for a period of 14 days; if you violate the rules again, your access will be revoked for 30 days. In the event of frequent or serious violations of the above rules, your access to the Teiresias Center study rooms (premises) will be revoked permanently.