Students with specific learning difficulties

Poruchy učení

Students with specific learning disorders (students with SLD) have the option of using our supportive service consisting of diagnostics, adaptation of written tests, subsidiary language tuition and study counselling. If you are interested in a consultation, diagnostics or other related matters, please contact Mgr. Iva Oulehlová ( or the study counsellor for your faculty.


In order for applicants and students with SLD to receive support, it is necessary to provide a report from diagnostics of learning disorders not older than two years. Students and applicants who do not have this report can undergo diagnostics at the Teiresias Centre. The process takes approx. two hours. For more information and to arrange a date for your diagnostics, please contact our pedagogical and psychological counsellors, Mgr. Iva Oulehlová and Mgr. Miroslav Zítko (for contact information see Staff).

Adaptation of written tests

Students with SLD can, as well as in the case of entrance examinations, have their written examinations adapted. This adaptation will, however, only concern the formal aspects of the examination (extension of time limit, using a computer if you have diagnosed dysgraphia, writing the test in the quiet environment of the Centre). For more information about adaptation of written examinations, see Examinations, colloquia and credits, for the possibilities of adaptation for students with health impairments, see Adaptation of entrance examinations.

Other services provided