Reprographic services

Tactile copies

  • This service is offered and provided by the Centre’s staff to MU readers, or external users (persons or institutions). Considering the temporal and personal demands of the service, MU readers are treated as priority customers.
  • Only documents already in possession of the Centre (in the form of Braille typesetting) are offered to be reproduced (creating new documents is regulated otherwise).
  • The time needed to procure the copy is determined by the extent and character of the printing, or by current availability of the Library and Publishing Section staff. Detailed information is only given once a request has been made.
  • The price of tactile copies is regulated by the current price list.
  • Copies of tactile graphics are subjected to the same conditions as textual tactile documents.

Print copies

  • The service is only offered as self-serve; the charges are listed in the price list.
  • Library users are able to make use of the publicly accessible machines for printing and copying (especially in the foyer of the Centre).