Battery of diagnostic tests of specific learning difficulties in university students and applicants for study 

The DysTest test battery reacts to the longstanding demand of university departments providing support for students with special needs, which were missing an adequate diagnostic tool. The battery is designed for psychologists, special needs educators, psycholinguists as well as other pedagogical workers of university service centres, but also for workers of pedagogical psychological counselling offices providing services to secondary school pupils who are also potential university studies applicants. The tool is only designed for diagnosing persons whose mother tongue is Czech.

DysTest constitutes a complex set of diagnostic methods that deal with dyslexia with regard to readerly skills, language skills, visual and hearing perception, and memory. Part of the battery is a screening questionnaire based on a self-assessment scale, which can be used when considering the indication of diagnostics, and an anamnestic questionnaire, which can be used to record the entrance anamnestic examination.

A significant innovation is the use of information technology, more specifically a software application with implemented norms that serve as a basis for automatic evaluation of results and with incorporated audio recordings that ensure equal conditions of testing. All the results are displayed in the form of a generated text file, which forms part of the final diagnostic report.

The battery was developed as part of the project Network of Expert Centers Providing Inclusion in Tertiary Education (CZ.1.07/2.2.00/29.0010) within the European Social Fund Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness.

All available materials related to the test battery, i.e. worksheets, battery manual, and installation packet for the application, as well as information on the possibilities of training are available on the DysTest information portal.

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