Polygraf Online (formerly CoUnSiL)

An online video-conferencing system, which focuses on the communication in sign language and through speech-to-text reporting.

The first version of the video-conferencing system CoUnSiL for remote communication in sign languages was introduced in 2016. As we were aware of its main shortcomings (high network requirements, general low reliability, necessity to install the app etc.), the system has been completely rebuilt technologically as well as its user features have been extended. Compared to the first version, the new one has been enhanced mainly with speech-to-text reporting by combining it with our other system – Polygraf. This has given the video-conferencing system a new name: Polygraf Online.

Main features and advantages of the new version are:

  • higher quality of the interpreter’s video;
  • speech-to-text transcription is displayed in a window of adjustable size which can display multiple lines of the text, i.e. not just as subtitles;
  • more than one speech-to-text reporting can run in parallel within a single video-conference;
  • a user may arrange all the windows within a video-conference as he/she prefers (with option to save the layout);
  • one participant can share up to three videos (screens, documents, 2nd camera etc.) at the same time (e.g. useful for teachers showing presentation slides together with an interactive whiteboard);
  • more participants can share their screens simultaneously (e.g. a teacher is sharing his/her presentation and a student is sharing his/her working document);
  • speaking/signing participant’s window enlarges automatically;
  • and others.

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The Polygraf mobile apps have been enhanced

Any speech-to-text transcription that is broadcasted via the Polygraf Online system, is now available to view in the Polygraf mobile apps independently on the web application.


  • for a speech-to-text user: the Polygraf mobile app for iOS and Android
  • for a speech-to-text transcriber: Polygraf Writer for Windows