National Comparative Test

General Information

The company Scio ensures National Comparative Exams (further only NCE) that are the means of acceptance to some universities. The Teiresias Centre is a place, where the National Comparative Exams for applicants with special needs take place. The National Comparative Exams are divided according to subjects into the following subtests/modules:

  1. General Academic Prerequisites Test (GAP),
  2. Social Sciences Test (SST),
  3. Test of Mathematics (MAT),
  4. Biology,
  5. Chemistry,
  6. English and German Language (EN, DE),
  7. Test of Economics for Master's Study (Ekonomics),
  8. Test of General Academic Prerequisites in Slovak language (GAP Sk).

If you are interested in doing one or more of the NCE subtests, please register via the e-shop of the company Scio – see here. In order to be allowed to sit the NCE at our premises, you need to do the following in the part Additional Information:

  • first activate the link I need special conditions (candidates with disabilities, lefthanders) and fill in a simple form
  • on the next page, select the Teiresias Centre as the venue of the NCE.

National Comparative Exams Dates

National Comparative Exams take place on six dates. On each of them different modules can be taken. The list of dates and the modules offered are listed below:

  • 10. 12. 2016 – GAP, SST, GAP Sk
  • 3. 2. 2017 – GAP, SST, MAT, GAP Sk
  • 4. 3. 2017 – GAP, SST, MAT, Biology, Chemistry, EN, DE, GAP Sk
  • 1. 4. 2017 – GAP,  SST, MAT, Ekonomics, GAP Sk
  • 29. 4. 2017 – GAP, SST, MAT, Biology, Chemistry, EN, DE, Ekonomics, AGP Sk
  • 27. 5. 2017 – GAP, SST, Biology, Chemistry, Ekonomics, GAP Sk

Sample Tests and Suggested Literature for Social Sciences Test

You not only have the description of the test but samples of modules for General Academic Prerequisites and Maths at Suggested literature is also a part of the description of the Social Sciences test – you will find the list at this webpage.

Masaryk University and National Comparative Exams

MU Faculty of Social Studies and MU Faculty of Informatics respect the National Comparative Exams results in accepting applicants.

  • Applicants for the Faculty of Social Studies must take the National Comparative Exams, specifically GAP test and Social Sciences test. Only the results from 10/12/2016, 3/2/2017, 4/3/2017, 1/4/2017, and 29/4/2017 are recognized. Each of the GAP B tests and the Social Sciences test must be taken at least once (but can be taken more times). For the application procedure for Faculty of Social Sciences the best results of each test taken will be recognized. You can find detailed information on GAP for applicants for MU Faculty of Social Sciences at the Scio webpage.
  • One of the possibilities to be accepted for studies at Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Science, and Faculty od Economics is to successfully pass the National Comparative Exams – its GAP and Maths module. 

Applicants apply and are charged separately for the MU application for studies and for the particular date or dates of National Comparative Exams.