Teireziáškovy perličky

"Teireziáškovy perličky" (loosely translated as Teiresias’ Titbits) is a series of podcasts prepared by the Teiresias Centre.

ikona podcast Teiresiás

Its first edition focuses on studies and foreign exchange stays for students with special needs. The episodes feature students with special needs who have successfully travelled abroad or are planning to do so, professionals who provide services for people with disabilities, and other guests.

The podcast was created to 

  • motivate students with special needs to travel and to participate in internationalization activities,
  • spread awareness of the needs of outgoing and incoming students and the services and accommodations that can lead to accessibility for their studies,
  • opening up the debate on the accessibility of educational activities.

The primary language is Czech/Slovak, but some episodes are recorded in English. Each episode features an edited transcript of the audio recording. 

Contact mobility@teiresias.muni.cz with suggestions and questions.

Access to the podcast

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