Examinations, colloquia and credits

Registering for examinations

The teacher of each course announces examination dates sufficiently in advance, via the Personal Administration of Information System MU. You declare your wish to take place in an examination by registering for an examination date. Students with specific needs are offered priority enrollment. It is recommended that each student create their own examination calendar, so that they have sufficient time for preparation and rest between examinations.

Adaptation of examinations

If you wish to have your examination adapted, i.e. to be provided the same conditions as during the admission procedure (see Adaptation of the entrance examinations) please inform the Students' Office of the Teiresias Centre at least a week prior to the exam date.

The administration of Masaryk University does not suppose that a health impairment constitutes a reason for a change in content or form of the examination process. Do not, therefore, ask for e.g. change from a written examination to an oral one, and if the teacher suggests such a change, please inform us about it.

Individual examination dates

If you are sufficiently prepared for taking an examination, you are obliged to utilize the examination dates set by the course’s teacher via the Personal Administration of Information System MU. In valid cases, and only if you have an individual study plan, you can apply for an individual examination date.