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3. Online course of written English

We designed this course to introduce deaf and hard of hearing students to the area of international mobility. English learners can use this course to improve their English. 

10 facts about the course:

  1. It is designed for intermediate users of English (B1 or B2 according to CEFR).
  2. It is an online course – it is stored on OpenMoodle.
  3. It simulates the experience of going to study abroad. 
  4. It is free of charge. 
  5. It offers an accessible and culturally relevant learning environment.
  6. It helps the learners practise their reading and writing and helps them learn new vocabulary. 
  7. It uses authentic materials from university lectures, information leaflets, videos and study materials.
  8. It takes between 30–40 hours to complete it.
  9. There are mostly automatically corrected tasks - you know immediately what your score is.
  10. It includes useful Study tips (How to check spelling and grammar in assignments; How to use a dictionary effectively; How to take notes more effectively)

If you want to know more about the course, you can start by watching the video that was prepared for the LangSkills closing conference (spoken English, includes English captions and International Sign translation).

Who is the course for?

There are two main groups of users:


  • Are you an English learner (about intermediate level)?
  • Do you want to study on your own, without a tutor?

You are welcome to use this course to practise your English. 

  • Open the starting page and find the “Self-access learners” group. Use this password: Lang.Skills21
  • If you’d like to take this course with your teacher, contact the coordinators at langskills@teiresias.muni.cz. 

These two guides are here to help you get started:

About the course guide (for self-access learners)
This guide:

  • explains what you will learn and practise in this course;
  • tells you how the course is structured;
  • explains how the task and activities are corrected;
  • and more.

Technical guide (for self-access learners)
In this guide, you will learn: 

  • how to register;
  • where to see your results;
  • and more.


  • Are you an English teacher working with Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing students?
  • Are your students intermediate EFL learners (B1 or B2)?
  • Are you interested in having a peek into the course even though your students are at different proficiency levels?

You are welcome to use this course with your students or browse it for inspiration. If you would like to take a look inside the course, open the landing page, find the group “EFL Teachers” and type in the password: engonline20.
You may also set up a separate group for your students. Consult the Technical guide and contact the project coordinators at langskills@teiresias.muni.cz.

Before you get started, flick through these two guides: 

About the course (for teachers)
In this guide, you will learn more about:

  • the needs analysis behind the course;
  • the goals of the course;
  • the structure of the course;
  • the unit structure;
  • the methods of assessment.

Technical guide (for teachers)
Browse the guide if you want to know:

  • how to register into the course;
  • how to set up a group for your students;
  • where you can see your students’ results;
  • and more.


If you would like to give some feedback on the course, you can do so at langskills@teiresias.muni.cz. Thank you!

The Online English for International Mobility course was presented at different conferences and a paper is currently under review (for more details see this section).