Who we are


Students of Masaryk University

  • with sensory impairments: visual or hearing,
  • with mobility impairments,
  • with specific learning difficulties,
  • with psychological difficulties,
  • with chronic diseases;

Teachers and employees of Masaryk University

  • with the above-mentioned impairments and difficulties,
  • or those involved in teaching students with impairments and difficulties;

Non-academic public

  • with impairments,
  • or those involved in educating pupils and students with impairments;

Academic and non-academic institutions

  • involved in educating pupils and students with impairments,
  • responsible for sensory and physical accessibility of public events, buildings and areas.

The Teiresias Centre

  • is an educational centre with a variety of instruction – its courses supplement or substitute regular tuition and/or lifelong education courses; all courses take place on Masaryk University premises assigned to students with disabilities; lifelong education course participants have access to the same technological equipment and study materials as fulltime university students
  • has its own student administration unit to support the study organization of students with disabilities
  • offers counselling and methodological support to high school students and teachers
  • is a research institution developing its own technological solutions
  • collaborates with national institutions (Scio, CERMAT) on modifications of study materials and tests for students with disabilities
  • publishes in Braille and runs a national digital university library
  • runs an interpreting and speech-to-text reporting centre
  • runs a personal assistance dispatch centre.