Digitization is a key service provided by Library and Publishing Section, in effect represents the most important method of the library resources acquisition.

Digitization from a to z

  • Digitization is ideally requested by the instructor of the course for which the material is needed, before term starts; in substantiated cases digitization is requested by student.
  • The manager of the Library and Publishing Section decides whether a new electronic resource will be made.
  • The resource is always prepared as soon as possible (including the initial request), which, however, does not mean that it will always be prepared immediately following the sending of a request. Considering the number of students and their study demands, it is not possible to satisfy everyone at the same time or immediately after a request is received – please keep this in mind when requesting new digital versions. Digitization may take days (when the original material is short and of good quality) or months (texts of extensive length; complexities in terms of form or content; poor accessibility).
  • Digitization includes the process of adaptation, which consists of a set of modifications intended to make the resultant electronic resource accessible to the target group, while retaining as much of the information from the original material as possible.
  • The preparation of an electronic document may have several forms, depending on the character of the material (the approach used can determine how long the process will take)
    • transcription by hand – corrections – formal adjustments – adaptation
    • scanning – corrections – formal adjustments – adaptation
    • export from another digital (visual or textual) format – formal adjustments – adaptation
    • formal adjustments of a usable textual source – adaptation
  • Digitization is done solely by trained professionals at the Centre.
  • All digitalised production of the Teiresias Centre is catalogued and accessible to the public via a library interface.
  • Digitization of study materials for the use of MU students is provided free of charge; to external users a charge will apply (see price list), as well as the fact that the digitization will only take place as long as a Centre employee is available to perform it.