Study requirements for each semester

The academic year comprises one fall and one spring term. Term calendars vary depending on each faculty. The Study and Examination Regulations of MU (Section 3, Part 1) posits that a semester includes:

  1. at least one week’s time for enrollment in the semester,
  2. at least three weeks’ time for enrollment in courses, 
  3. a minimum of 12 and a maximum  of 15 weeks of classes,
  4. at least six weeks long examination period.

Before the start of the semester and before enrollment in courses there is a registration period in which students choose the courses they are interested in taking. The period of classes and the examination period are further discussed in Adaptation of classes, and Examinations, colloquia and credits.

Enrollment in the semester

The Study Office of each faculty organizes an event for the enrollment of first-year students, in the course of which the students are enrolled into the first semester of their studies. Invitations for this event are sent along with letters of acceptance. In the following years, application for enrollment in the semester is filed individually by each student, via the Information System.

Registration and enrollment in courses

The process of selection of the courses you will be studying in the course of each semester is divided into four periods.

  1. Registration in courses – before the start of each semester, you will register the courses you plan on taking. This alerts the teachers to your interest in their course, and it is also information for the Teiresias Centre so that you can be provided with the support you need. Please do not leave registration for the last moment, as some courses are only offered to a limited number of students.
  2. Enrollment in courses – in this period, your faculty enrolls you into the courses you selected during the registration period. You might not be enrolled into your chosen courses – this happens due to a limited number of students allowed in the course or if you have not fulfilled the pre-requisites for the course (those are conditions which must be fulfilled in order to enroll in some courses). If you are denied enrollment, you can apply to the course’s teacher for an exception, which will be either granted or denied. 
  3. Changes to enrollment in courses – at the start of each semester (usually in the first two weeks) there is a period of changes in enrollment, which is your last opportunity to change your mind about the courses you have chosen to take during the semester.
  4. Confirmation of enrollment – the Study Office requires students to confirm via the IS that they know which courses they are enrolled in. Students are obliged to pass these courses.

You can choose your courses with the help of study templates (i.e. the recommended study plan). They can be found

Attention! The number of courses recommended to be taken during one semester is calculated based on the study rate of an ordinary student. In case you have an individual study plan (see Study regulations), it is not required of you to proceed in your studies at the same rate.