Adaptation of classes

Support for students with special needs during classes is provided on three levels:
  1. Technical and organizational changes to standard classes – the students participate in regular lectures and seminars, with the help provided by the Teiresias Centre, which provides e.g. interpreting or visualization (speech-to-text reporting, mouthing service) of the teacher’s lecture, personal or pedagogical assistance, conversion of study materials into an accessible form etc.
  2. Subsidiary individual tuition – the students participate in standard lectures and seminars, assisted by the Teiresias Centre. Aside from this, they are offered further supplementary individual and rather practically oriented consultations in which the tutors respect the specific needs and working methods of each student, e.g. exercise in working with assistive technologies, or consultations concerning language education for students with learning difficulties.
  3. Individual tuition which replaces standard lectures or seminars.

Individual tuition

The Student's Office of the Teiresias Centre recommends replacing standard seminars or lectures with individual tuition if the student is unable to participate in the class with Teiresias support. The most frequent reasons for this are as follows:

If you find the classes in their standard form to be inaccessible to you, please contact the Student's Office of the Teiresias Centre immediately. We will cooperate with the teacher of the given course   to try and provide you with a tutor who will teach you individually, with respect to your specific needs. The tutor will be using assistive technologies or alternative communicative and didactic approaches. The courses which usually require this form of adaptation are: